Best Maternity Pillows
Best Maternity Pillows 

Best Maternity Pillows:

Are you sick and tired of getting a poor nights sleep while you are pregnant because you keep rolling over onto your stomach while you sleep?


Are you experiencing any back pain while carrying your beloved baby in your womb? Perhaps your ankles and feet  are all swelled up from being on them for long periods of time during the course of the day?


If you have answered "Yes" to any of these questions then I feel that a maternity pillow would be just what you are looking for to help alleviate these common ailments during your pregnancy.

What is the best maternity pillow for you?  Well to answer this question correctly I need to explain what types of maternity pillows are available to you and then point out the pros and cons of each.

The Types of Maternity Pillows are:

Firm Full Body Maternity Pillow:

straight full body maternity pillow Firm Bolster full body maternity pillow with micro fiber inside

The Pros:

  • When using this Bolster maternity pillow you will find that it keeps its shape and fullness well, it feels almost as though it has been overstuffed. 
  • At times you are caught off guard when you realize that its pillow case is in the wash , however, this maternity pillow is still comfortable without it.
  • its useful after your pregnancy as it becomes a comfortable pillow when feeding your baby.

The Cons:

  • It may feel a little too big and firm for some, however, this can be overcome by buying the smaller one in its range.


Flexible Full Body Maternity Pillow:

Theraline full body maternity pillow flexible full body maternity pillow with millions if micro beads inside

The Pros:

  • This flexible full length pregnancy pillow is bound to make your late pregnancy months a great deal more comfortable. Why is this? Because it is easy to bend and shape into which ever position you feel comfortable.
  •  It is ideal for keeping you on your side as you can have one end beneath your head and the other tucked up between your legs. 
  • Many pregnant tall women favour this maternity pillow because of its size.
  • If you are blessed to have more than one child then your older child can feed your baby without the fear of her tipping over while you are talking on the phone or finishing the housework. 

The Cons:

  • If you are petite or not blessed with height then rolling over with this in bed may require a mammoth effort on your part and as a result completely wake you up?
  • Because its insides are filled with beans it may feel to hard if you want to use it as your main pillow.
  • It may require "plumping from time to time to even it out.


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